Dear Applicant,

We are pleased that you have chosen to pursue employment with our firm. As part of our employee selection process, all final candidates being considered for employment are given the opportunity of participating in a pre-employment evaluation.

This evaluation may concern your abilities, aptitude and personality, in addition to previous experience and other job related matters. This procedure is conducted through a third party, thus assuring equal and fair treatment. Our hiring policy also allows for a drug screen, administered by a nationally recognized clinical testing laboratory. In addition, a background check may be conducted that may include, but is not limited to criminal, credit, motor vehicle and previous employers. All results are handled with strict confidentiality.

RDI Corporation may hire you conditionally before all results from pre-employment evaluation are concluded. If any remaining evaluations determine that you as a candidate are not hirable, RDI reserves the right to terminate its agreement of employment.

It is our belief that growth of our firm has been based on the quality and stability of our staff. This evaluation is an effective means of protecting our most important asset ... the productive and loyal employee. Should you become part of our organization, you will also benefit from this valuable process.

Thank You